Monday, March 29, 2010

Reflection and Job hunt

Hello ,

Life is busy with job applications, capstone work and regular coursework at the end of the semester. So it must be something important I felt like sharing at 2 in the morning that I decided to write a blog post. Today I am going to talk about the importance of a concept which was taught to us by Marty while designing. This concept has helped me not only as a designer but also as a person( especially as a person looking for jobs :))

Reflections: The word itself means looking at our own actions in past and trying to improve upon it while we are progressing as a designer. For example in design we cannot expect any two projects to have the same outcome, in many aspects. These aspects could be satisfaction of the developers, product managers etc. but for us it's important to look back and see where we made a mistake and try to improve in future design's or projects. This concept was very useful in my present job hunt as I made it a point to have a post-interview analysis and this analysis has made me realize some of the mistakes I have made during the interview process. Importantly I have improved as a prospective candidate and I feel this improvement will be ever lasting even when I end up getting a job. I love this struggle of job search. There are hidden lessons for me as a person in this job hunt. I am planning to post some of the common interview questions I faced during all these interviews once I wind up my interviews probably by end of Spring as I believe it would be helpful for budding UX professionals to know what they can expect from Industry.

Thanks and more verbose posts later. Good night.